My Novel Is Babe And Me Essay

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The title of my novel is Babe and Me. The author of my novel is Dan Gutman. This author Dan Gutman has already previously written numerous amount of sport books and I think that this one is the best. The type of genre this novel would be is historical fiction. This would be historical fiction because the story is about an actual famous baseball player but the story didn 't actually happen in the past.
The protagonist of my novel is Joe Stoshack. In the novel Joe gets angry with his dad at the beginning of the novel and furious at a lot of other things when something negative happens. “What?” I yelled, turning around to find the ump. “I beat it out! I beat the ball to the bag (Gutman 11)!” This is showing how raged that he gets when he does something wrong and how he blames himself. The antagonist of the story is the conditions that were stopping them from doing what they need to do. “We got up and started walking , staring at the buildings and the cars rushing past in the large city (Gutman 24).” This is showing how hard it will be to find Babe Ruth in this large city. The point of view of the story is told through first person point of view. Some clues that gave the point of view of the story is the words like “I”, “We”, and “Us”. Text evidence would be, “I looked up. The building across the street stretched up and down the block (Gutman 24).” In this piece of text evidence it is telling what he did himself not telling what other people did in the story. The conflict of…

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