My Next International Assignment For General Motors Corporation

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From June 1994 thru June 2004, I worked for General Motors Corporation (GM) and its subsidiary Hughes Electronics. At the time, Hughes Electronics’ primary business operations were in aerospace & defense, telecommunication satellite manufacturing and its direct-to-home satellite services company DIRECTV.
From March 1999 thru June 2000, I lived and worked in Tokyo, Japan and I was a member of the DIRECTV Japan joint venture (JV). The primary shareholders of this JV were Hughes Electronics and Matsushita Electric (Panasonic). From July 2000 thru March 2003, I was a member of GM Japan’s operations. My next international assignment was with the GM Daewoo JV from April 2003 thru June 2004 and I was based in Seoul, South Korea.
In each of these international assignments, I was a member of the expatriate management team that was embedded within these international operations to ensure that our business objectives within these local markets were achieved. In addition to the expatriates assigned to each of these international operations, there were local employees that represented the majority of the staff and management team assigned to each of these operations.
Since leaving GM in 2004, I have held various leadership positions within several organizations that only have operations within the U.S. Therefore, I was very interested in writing about this topic given that I have worked for both domestic and MNC and I believe that I have some perspective as to which skills and…

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