My Native American Experience

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My goal is to work with the Dutch East India Company to explore more efficient trade routes to North America in an effort to make trade with the Native Americans.
There are a few essential skills and abilities that are needed to be qualified for this task, and I believe that I possess them. To begin, at a very young age I was well educated about navigation, which has helped me in the past to make many voyages around the world. I think that it is crucial to understand how to properly navigate in order for this expedition to be successful. On a similar note, I also have experience in making maps, and have done so in the past. Another skill that qualifies me for this task would be my profound knowledge and experience in what makes a great leader.
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In 1607 I made my first voyage for the English Muscovy Company, in an effort to find an ice free passage through the North Pole to China and Japan. Although my crew and I had to make our way back to Europe after our ship was not able to get past Greenland, because of all the ice, this expedition, however, did provide a reliable view of this part of the world that has not yet been properly explored. It is because of this adventure, that the world found out about the Arctic Circle and the whales that live in the region that is now being used as a hunting …show more content…
It seems as though even as a Navigator, seeing everything with my eyes taught me the rights and the wrongs of that I was doing. My education was a hands on experience of real life whenever I ventured on a voyage or exploration.
On my voyages I have made frequent achievements. To start off, on June 27, 1607 in Spitsbergen, I was awestruck with the fairly large amount of whales and walruses that I saw. My finding led to the making of the Spitsbergen whaling industry where whales are processed by boiling the fat to make oil, and using the oil as lamp oil, to create soap. The baleen part of the whale was used for umbrellas and female fashion. Although Giovanni da Verrazano discovered the greater northern river, it was later named the Hudson River as I was credited for making the river known to the Dutch. As soon as the Dutch found out, they colonized New Amsterdam. My work was able to drastically influence North

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