My Motivation For Becoming A Teacher Essay

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Throughout my childhood, I had always had an interest in becoming a teacher. I remember playing with other kids and pretend as we were in school, I always prefer being the teacher. While I was in middle school, I use to volunteer in a program allowing me to help out in a special education classroom in whatever they needed. Most of the time we would help them to solve a problem they had, because the lack of teacher, they could not spend as much time with every single student as they wish to. I have tried my best to be more involved in helping children in thing such as learning a new everyday task or helping them with homework. Do to my motivation of helping kids, I want to become a teacher. I am aware of the qualifications, skills, and typical duties that come along with the job of becoming a teacher.
A basic qualification for becoming a teacher included five requirements in order to become a certified teacher her in Texas. The requirement listed in the Texas Education Agency website included, “obtain a bachelor’s degree, complete an education preparation program, pass certification exams, submit a state application, and complete fingerprinting”. When obtaining a bachelor’s degree, it has to be from an authorized college or university recognized by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. One must complete a certification an Approved Education Preparation Program, Alternative Certification Program, or Post Baccalaureate program. When taking the exams one has to pass the…

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