Essay about My Most Important Thing I Have My First Bible

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My most significant thing I have in my possession is my Bible. Let me reminisce on the time I got my first Bible. I received the bible from my Aunt Sarah, who is a religious woman, on Christmas. I stood in my living room watching her come in the house with a gift, I could not help but wonder, what was in the box? The box could contain anything in it. The most important thing I thought, “Was the box for me?” She walked over to me saying “Elijah open this, I got it for you.” I ripped the gift open, and there I stood with a precious gift in my hand: my first study bible.
I cannot help but admire this beautiful bible, while smiling ear to ear. The bible was wrapped in black and gold wrapping paper with a red bow before I murdered it. The bible has a green suede cover, black trimming around the edges, and when the bible is closed it has a gold shine to the pages. The cover feels smooth as a baby’s bottom. The Bible is a soft back book, but it is very durable. The back is all black with the words “Holy Bible KJV” encrypted on the side. Then I proceeded to turn the pages in my Bible. The smell of glue and paste rose in the air, like I had just finished an art project. When I turn the pages I can smell the scent of a new pair of shoes when you pull them out the box. The very first page is gold with a tree painted in the background with the words “Holy Bible.” There is a place for me to put my name, my Aunt Sarah name, date, and occasion. The pages are fragile, and can tear…

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