Essay on My Most Eventful Hunt - Original Writing

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My Most Eventful Hunt
It was a chilly December morning. I had been waiting on this day for what seemed like forever. Dad had promised me at the beginning of deer season I would be able to hunt by myself after my birthday. Today was that day. Eagerness and anxiety filled my mind as I packed my bag into the back of the truck. Little did I know I would hunt by myself and kill the biggest buck of my life!
First thing in the morning we loaded our hunting gear into the truck and my dog, Cletus into the back. I buckled my seat belt as we pulled out of the driveway. The drive to Port Gibson was only two hours, but the excitement made it feel like all day. We finally arrived at deer camp after what seemed like an eternity. While Dad went to unlock the camper and turn on the heat, I grabbed my bag of clothes and put the tailgate down to let Cletus out. It was bone chilling outside so I ran into the camper and sat down on the couch. From the couch I looked at the clock and it was not but two o’clock. It wasn’t long before Dad said, “We are going to Port Gibson to get a hamburger.” Since it was the only place in town, we went to sonic. After we ate, it was finally time to go deer hunting. It was a chilly day so Dad told me to put on extra layers, which I ended up forgetting to do in the sheer anticipation of going hunting. On the way to the four-wheeler, I hooked Cletus to the chain so he would not follow us all the way to our deer stands. After I finished everything that needed…

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