Personal Narrative: My Grandmother's Voice

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My Grandmother’s Voice

As a child I was always confused by the characteristics of my grandmother, whom I called Mommom. I was born an analyzer. My determination of whether someone was a friend or foe was always by process of careful analysis. Not that I would ever come to a conclusion of this analysis within a short meeting. My analysis of a person always had much thought and consideration. However, I found it difficult to analysis my Mommom when I was growing up. She was firm, a natural born perfectionist. Conversely, she was also gentle: The kind of grandmother who demanded that my mom let her take me out for a day of leisure on a whim. I can see much of her personality carried on through me. She is a clear root of many
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She came from a family with both of her parents working. She was also an only child until she was sixteen, which meant she had to spend a lot of time alone. When her younger sister was born, since both of her parents were preoccupied with work, she was responsible for taking care of the baby on top of her high-school studies. Despite this distraction, she still managed to overachieve. She was an excellent scholar and was given a full scholarship for nursing school when it came time for her to go to college. My grandfather once told me, "She was smart, your Mommom. She would have become a doctor if it wasn 't for me." Looking at the facts of her story, I have to agree with my grandfather. For a few years in her twenties, was the sole provider for her family, raising two young children, and was helping my grandfather with his studies while he got a college education himself. It seems to me my grandmother rarely had time to rest. Perhaps it was this undeniable sense of responsibility her entire that caused my grandmother to be a …show more content…
Her first child was premature, and only lived a few hours. She refused to even look at the small baby, unable to bear the sight. That wound never fully healed in her heart, but she was overjoyed when all four of her other children survived. Perhaps this was the reason that she insisted upon spending days with me on enjoyable

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