My Mind Set On Freedom Analysis

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The Book “My Mind Set on Freedom”, is written by John A. Salmond, an Australian History professor who teaches American History at La Trobe University in Melbourne Australia. He describes the Civil Rights Movement between 1954 and 1968 which consisted of racial segregation more prominent in South America. Mr. Salmond explains why the movement finally collapsed, in the concluding chapter, shows how the civil rights revolution transformed the American South. His book brings a new clarity to our understanding of this momentous struggle.
The first chapter “Gathering Storm” tells us about the start of the Civil Rights Movement. This chapter begins with talking about a young black veteran of World War II, Wilson A. Head who was traveling from Atlanta
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The testimony was for overturning the rule of segregation of schools of blacks and whites saying that it is unconstitutional. Just before the testimony Earl Warren was appointed as the new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Salmond says that decision had a great impact on the Civil Rights Movement because Warren had no judicial experience in the past. South Carolina hired their best lawyer John W. Davis for the trail. The supreme court was still in doubt till May 17th, 1954 and the Brown Decision was made for the blacks. Schools will now not be segregated. This decision was a sign of equality for the blacks (pg. 26). The chapter concludes with Salmond arguing that a central role, against "some scholars" who say its importance has been "exaggerated" (p. …show more content…
In the end, everything was worth it. African Americans got their voting rights in 1965. (pg. 153). The dual education system ended, all blacks and whites now go the same schools, and the blacks had achieved what they had dreamt of. The book ends with “Martin Luther King, and the people he led, fulfilled this hope,” (pg.163). He had a become a leader of the blacks, as his people liked his theory of non -violence. "My Mind Set on Freedom" is an amazing brief summary of such an important subject in the history of the United States. Salmond has organized the chapters very well so it easy for the reader to follow the sequence of events. He has written about how some African Americans were treated during the earlier times which I think is important to know. Learning how people survived in the hard days makes the reader appreciate the text. Overall I have learnt a lot about the Civil Rights Movement from this book. This book is very well written which can capture the reader 's

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