Essay about My Memory At Conception Of The Clip

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Listening to the video jogged my memory at conception of the clip. Hearing “There was no place for us in school,” is a heartbreaking, interesting statement and it is a factual statement. I understand a fact is a piece of information used as evidence. When I simply consider the statement that the young man makes and the curriculum in schools, the stereotypes set through display by the media: it is vivid that his statement is a fact throughout American history. As a young girl, my grandmother would tell me stories about her childhood. She was born December 22, 1905, as a sweet girl with blonde hair and blue eyes in Kauffman, Texas. Within the community she was raised White people frowned upon her and Black people treated her as if she was a spawn from a villain. She would tell me she was called ‘nigger girl’ by the White kids and ‘white girl’ by the Black kids in the neighborhood. She would tell me her features reminded the White family what they did to her grandmother and the Black families were disgraced to know in her blood was a mixture of the White family. My grandmother told me how the Black kids would pull on her hair saying, “You ain’t Black, look at yo’ hair. You ain’t Black look at yo’ skin.” While tears would roll down from her face, I remember telling her, “I am happy you are not around those mean people anymore.” Internally, I would feel completely lost until my day of being greeted at school by Prejudice. I was teased by my peers, being called White because…

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