Creativity Reflection

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Being a “creative” individual has an extensively diverse amount of interpretations of the general public, and arguably being so broad a term that it is almost fundamentally undefinable. During the past semester I have learned that for a product to be truly creative require an individual to go through the creative process in order to extract the finest product. Creativity is not some fleeting means of inspiration, or a trait that some people innately have and others lack. Instead, it means enduring an amassment of mental turmoil in order to churn out a unique product to the creator, and even potentially leading to the development of a socially accepted and useful product. The project I created for this final paper is an interactive sculpture …show more content…
(Sawyer 65). My mastery in the domain of dance, although helpful in terms of giving me a creative outlet for means of expression, also lends itself to the fact whenever I create with it, I do not feel as though I am challenged as deeply or in the same way as I was throughout the process of creating this particular sculpture. Consequently, the process of creating this product challenged me in a basic way of construction of the item because I am not a master of visual art forms like sculpture, and also in that it made me traverse alternative creative pathways in my brain in order to create something that was different from my usual creative domain. I proved to myself through the creation of this sculpture, that I have proficiency in more than just the domain of dance, and that even though it was a risky option for me to create something outside of my area of highest aptitude, I succeeded. Another reason this project demonstrates a strength of mine in creating a tangible metaphor for the confusion and conflicting ideas that cover this campus. Similarly, the concepts tied together in this project feature my capacity to handle ambiguity. Despite the fact that each piece of this sculpture has a meaning, nothing automatically defines itself, which allows the viewer to draw a lot of different conclusions relating to various types of symbolism. My lack of courage in my convictions shows through in that I asked several different people in my class, and otherwise about their thoughts on this idea because I was worried that it was too peculiar or unconvential. I lacked

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