Essay on My Love For K Pop

2342 Words May 18th, 2016 null Page
My love for K-Pop began years before Psy ever erupted onto the American pop music scene with his ever so popular song “Gangnam Style”. To be exact, I have been a long time fan of the genre for roughly seven years now and am still to this very day an avid listener and fan of K-Pop. As a young fourteen-year-old at the time, I remember wanting to search for new music to listen to and had discovered K-Pop music videos largely by accident by simply clicking on recommended videos on YouTube. One of the many recommended videos was the bubbly, cutesy, and colorful song “Gee” released in 2009 by the popular girl group, Girls’ Generation. “Gee” is about young girls who first experience falling in love and how their hearts flutter; the word ‘gee’ in the song is supposed to be similar to the slang word ‘OMG’. I remember vividly being instantly drawn in as it was something I had never seen before in a music video, and it did not matter that I had no clue what they were saying but the sprinkle of English lyrics was enough for me. To this very day, I attribute Girls’ Generation’s song “Gee” to be the song that introduced me into the world of K-Pop.
In 2012, my love for K-Pop rose to new heights when I had the opportunity to attend my very first K-Pop concert. The concert was free in which the attendees simply had to pick up tickets at select places where I happened to be lucky enough to snag one of the last remaining tickets. The concert was on May 21, 2012, with over 25,000 attendees and…

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