My Life With The Dental Hygiene Program Essay

759 Words Nov 12th, 2015 4 Pages
What is it like to be out of place? Being out of place can feel awkward, and scary for anyone. Out of place can be in everyday life. Imagine if you went to an Ohio State Buckeyes and a Michigan Wolverines football game. The game was at Ohio State and a Michigan fan was walking around the stadium. Would he be out of place? Well the correct answer would be yes. There has in fact been a couple times that I have felt out of place. From switching schools, to ranging from sports in high school, and previously being in the dental hygiene program.
Moving schools is a very hard situation when in grade school. In grade school you make so many friends and so many memories. Up to eight grade I went to Beverly-Center elementary. During those eight years at Beverly-Center, I had the time of my life with friends that I will remember forever. Moving to Beverly-Centers rival school in eight grade was one of the weirdest moves of my life. I felt out of place going from red, white, and blue to green, black, and white. Even though that I felt out of place in this new environment, I made the best out of it with making new friends, and getting to know the new teachers that I would have for the next five years. Generally, for the most part my new class mates welcomed me with open arms. That kept my anxiety down, and made me feel a lot less out place. During those next five years at my new school I realized it was not as bad as I thought it would be. I kept in touch with a couple close friends…

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