Essay on My Life Shaped Me Into The Person I Am Today

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Earlier in the semester of my sociology class there was a journal essay assigned. The assignment was to write about what significant events in my life shaped me into the person I am today. Most of the events I wrote about involved my persistence for topics about school and how I overcame such challenging obstacles throughout my life to get where I am today. Other topics included the relationship with my parents and mentors in my life that helped me define myself and grow thicker skin. If these people were not there to support me then I would not have been able to get through the tough situations I faced throughout life so far. In addition, my parents always provided for me financially throughout my studies making sure I had the best possible education they could afford, which had a huge role in my life.
After reading almost the entire textbook for the Sociology course written by Henslin, I realized one of the main reasons I find academic accomplishments so significant is because of the way society is constructed. The cultures in the United States and other industrialized countries value achievement and success more than other cultures. Education in the United States is perceived to be the golden ticket into changing your social class. It is very difficult to not have a job or career if you graduated college as opposed to someone that dropped out of high school. Henslin states the statistics, “1 of every 4 people who drop out of high school is poor, but only 3 of 100…

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