My Life Of My Father Essay

994 Words Sep 21st, 2016 4 Pages
As soon as things began my older brothers would take me out of the room and preoccupy me with an activity. Mom and Dad never fought long, but that didn’t take any of the hurt away. It was never spoken of when they finished. Tears were evident as they rolled down my mother’s face, and my fathers apologies were always so sincere for us having to be around all the conflict. My brother’s grew older and soon went their own ways. I on the other hand was not able to escape. It was never even a thought that I would be grown before living the life of most teenagers. It was apparent for a long time that my parents didn’t feel the same for each other as they once did. Mom went to school and worked while Dad did all of the parenting duties such as going to ball practice, taking me to dance, driving a bus for the band trips, taking/picking my brothers and I up from school, etc. They would both come home emotionally and physically tired. I could hear my mom talk to my granny and her friends about what was going on and how bad things had gotten, and she was crying the entire time. I never once heard dad talk about the situation to anyone and rarely saw him cry. It’s like they were completely different when it came to venting and showing their emotions. I do have to give them props for always doing everything in their power to give my brothers and I everything we could want. We continued to go on family trips and do family activities together. When we were in public, they would always…

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