My Life Of My Father Essay examples

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The thought always lingered in the back of my head. Day after day, night after night, it seemed as if it were bound to happen sooner or later. Soon enough, that moment I had always feared and dreaded, had finally came into sight and became my reality. My own father being diagnosed not only with one, but with two forms skin cancer. My entire life, my father has worked as hard as he could to provide for his family, and especially his children, being his biggest inspiration to get through the day, with anything they needed or desired. To tell you a little bit about my father, he and my mother created a logistics company over 25 years ago, and haven 't stopped working since. They’ve made it their career and passion, and for that, led to great success. For the most part, my father doesn 't get many days off due to the sheer amount of work he has to do to keep the business successful, and therefore it is why it is not unusual for him to work seven days a week, 12 hours a day. Unfortunately, such commitment does come at a cost, since some required tasks involve being outside in the hot and scourging sun, especially in Brownsville, Texas, where temperatures tend to reach about a hundred degrees on a daily basis. I can recall numerous times of when he 's had to pay the price for his commitments, when witnessing things like his scalp being so badly burnt, that blood would be oozing out, little by little, from the areas that received the worst damage caused by the sun’s UV…

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