My Life Of My Family Essay examples

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On the 29th of August in 1992 at Richland Memorial Hospital in Columbia, South Carolina around 5:51 A.M, there was a beautiful baby girl born in the back seat of her aunt’s car right outside the hospital named Sharmell Kaleliah Valencia Davis. I was so pale that everyone mistaken me for another race. I was named after my mother, grandmother, my father and my mother, sister, Sharmell is after Charlene, my mother, sister, Kaleliah being after my grandmother, Lela, Valencia is after my mother, Valerie and Davis after my father. I believe my family had a tradition with names because my sister and I had the Sh or Ch sounds and it was spelled in that form. I was the only daughter was not expected to be born and I was born with a knot in the back of the head, where the doctors took blood from. I was told it was a birth affect but I stop worrying about it and live with it.
After the birth process, I stayed in the hospital for a week, around the time of me going home, I was kidnapped from the hospital. I looked like a white baby so anyone could have mistaken me for another race or it could have been because I was so cute. Luckily, my grandmother kept a close eye on me, while the nurse put me in my little crib that I slept in. My grandmother saw the woman and chased after her in an old school Cadillac. After the chase, my mother had the option of pressing charges because she did not because she understood that accidents could happen. When I was told this story, I thought about the TV…

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