My Life Of A Christian Household Essays

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Growing up in a christian household, Christ was always present in my life. I was born in Bogota, Colombia where I would only live there for four years before coming to the United States. I had always heard the gospel at home, always eagerly attended sunday school and Vacation Bible School. But it wsn 't until my summer camp of 2012 when I heard a former wrestler talking about how our personal relationship with Jesus should look like, how he wants to be our best friend and the one we tell all our secrets to, the one we take counsil in; it wasn 't until that very sermon that I felt that unforgettable tugging in my heart. That day I knew what the gospel was really all about, it wasn 't the fascinating parables, nor the thrilling worship songs. The personal relationship that flows into the worship songs and draws out the Lord 's voice through the parables and the scriptures is what being a Christian and going to church was all about. That moment I decided to give my heart to Jesus. I had done as a kid, but I felt that this time I wanted to do it again, becuase I felt I finally understood what it truly ment. Since then I went through the infamous valleys of the teen years. I guess it 's true, when you 're bound to be a good soldier of the Lord 's the devil does what he can to trip you, pull you, redirect you and blind you. I went on a missions trip to Barueri, Brasil my sophmore year of High School that completely changed me. It was one of those experineces where you feel and…

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