My Life At The School 's Christmas Shopping Day Essay

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"Mom, I 'm home!" I wiped my hands on the kitchen towel and scurried down the hall where my daughter stood, grinning from ear to ear--a shopping bag in one hand, her books in another.

"Did you have fun?" I asked, knowing how excited she had been when she left for school that morning.

"You should have seen all the tables, Mom," she squealed. "Hurry , come see what I bought everyone."

My daughter--in first grade at that time--had worked for over a month doing extra chores so that she could take part in the school 's Christmas shopping day. That day the school transformed the lunchroom into a boutique where the children who chose to take part could purchase small inexpensive gifts for their families. I 'd never heard of such a thing before, but it had already encouraged my daughter to work hard and save her money. Under supervision, the children would gain valuable shopping experience as well as learn how to pay for items and exchange money.

We slipped into my daughter 's room and closed the door. My daughter 's hands shook from excitement as she gingerly removed the first item from her bag and slowly unwrapped the tissue paper that they 'd wrapped it in. I couldn 't remember the last time I 'd seen her this excited.

It seemed to take forever, but finally a small,tan burlap banner with a picture of a rainbow trout and fishing pole stamped on it emerged. Under the picture in small black letters it read, "Grandpa--world 's best fisherman!"

"Wow that 's nice,"…

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