My Life As A Spy By John A. Walker Jr Essay

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In the book My Life as a Spy by John A. Walker Jr, the author recounts his time as a spy for the Soviet Union while assigned as the Chief Warrant Officer and Communications Specialist for the US Navy. He reveals that not only was it him that sold off secrets to the Soviet Union, he also got his son, brother, ex-wife, and a close friend involved into it as well. The book starts off with Walker explaining his new job in the Navy aboard a Submarine, then dwelling into his family and their financial troubles, claiming that with a military job and a failed attempt at a bar his family was going bankrupt. His solution was to march into the Soviet Embassy in Washington DC and share private documents for a large sum of cash. It was this act of treason that would set him and his loved ones on a dangerous path, changing the course of history forever.This book goes from the beginning of Walker 's career in the Navy, to his decision to become a Russian Spy, to eventually getting caught along with his family by the FBI in 1885. Through this we go on a journey to see the effects be a Russian Spy has on Walker, from his job to his dissolving marriage we see the amount of stress put on him.

My Life as a Spy was written by John A. Walker Jr and is an autobiography describing his turn from a respected Chief in the Navy to a dishonorable and corrupt traitor . Walker wrote many letters to his daughter while in prison attempting to explain why he did what he did. Unfortunately he was facing a…

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