Comparing Lyndon Johnson's Six-Day War And Vietnam

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Lyndon Johnson was our 36th president, a young boy from Texas, who grew up to be one of our many nation leaders.

Goodwin, the author, starts out by telling us about Johnsons early life because to understand his ways in office, we need to understand where he came from. We need to understand his roots. The book starts off by explaining to us the way his parents grew up. Lyndon mainly talks about his mother, Rebekkah, who grew up in a fairly wealthy family. Her father was a preacher, and a lawyer, therefore, her family and the family name was well respected. When she was old enough, Rebekkah attended Baylor College and she was destined to be a great writer until her father died. What happened is that her family lost all of their money. Once this
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Two of them were the Six-Day war and Vietnam- both were foreign policy disasters. Vietnam did need to be as crazy as it was; Johnson and his administration just made it worse. Johnson escalated the war by sending unnecessary soldiers to Asia. This move resulted in very little gain. Also, Johnson was unable to negotiate a peace settlement in this war which caused the fighting to go on for longer than needed. Finally, Johnson misjudged the strength of the enemy and not only that, he also overestimated the ability of his own military. Although this was most definitely the world foreign policy in the history of our country, the Six-Day war wasn 't any better. During this war, Johnson was very confrontal with the enemy, and because of this, he almost caused …show more content…
It really went into detail, explaining all of the things Lyndon did and thought about. Not only did it talk about the things that everyone knew about Johnson, but it also talked about things that he did which were very important but sometimes forgotten about. I thought that it was really amazing that he went from being in a leader position at his college to being the leader of the country. Another thing I never knew but learned throughout the book was that he was always being underestimated. This is one thing that the author did a great job of explaining and showing. Finally, I thought that the way the book was formatted was excellent. It really gave you a good idea of the different steps in the process, although I feel like that if it was a little shorter it would be better. I say this because even though the author explained herself in a great and detailed way, it was very long. Sometimes when I was reading, I got a little bored and wanted to move to the next event in the

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