Who Is Frank Cormier's 'LBJ The Way He Was'?

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Frank Cormier, author of LBJ The Way He Was, was the White House Associated Press correspondent during Lyndon Johnson’s tenure. Working as White House AP correspondent for 20 years, Frank Cormier documented the presidency of five former presidents, from JFK to Jimmy Carter. As evident in his book, Frank Cormier obtained the trust and confidence of Johnson, building a close, yet professional, relationship. LBJ The Way He Was, a memoir of LBJ’s presidency, captures the Lyndon Baines Johnson in his true form. Starting off minutes after the assassination of JFK, the book follows reporter Frank Cormier, as he works hands-on with the new president for the next six years. Frank Cormier spent every waking hour reporting on Johnson and his administration. …show more content…
And his work as president has had an incredible impact on modern society. After reading LBJ The Way He Was, I understand the cognitive reasoning behind many of the influential decisions Johnson made. I also better understand the emotions and concerns of the 36th president. The book’s “off the record” content offers an exclusive look into Lynden B. Johnson’s life. The book discloses an unfiltered version of the former president and shows him in his true light. Cormier writes about everything from Johnson’s practical jokes on his staff to his altercations in Vietnam, giving the book a wide variety of tones. My favorite part of the book is the author’s commentary. Cormier, whose perspective the book is written in, informs the reader about anecdotal facts, such as witty dialogue from the president and embarrassing situations. This adds humor and an engaging element to the book. Another interesting aspect of the book is its format. The book begins with the vice president being thrust into the position of president and ends with him graciously leaving. This adds an interesting contrast between the beginning and the end. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Its original angle gives the book an intriguing narrative, and its credible facts make it an informative

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