The Liberal Hour Summary

The authors G. Calvin Mackenzie and Robert Weisbrot really use persuasive techniques to convince the readers about the significance the 1960’s had on America. They made a widely argued time period in history into a compelling story about not just liberals but conservatives as well. The authors educate the readers about the little known politicians, bureaucrats, and scholars that many readers know nothing about. The Liberal Hour was short, lasting throughout the last bit of President Kennedy’s Presidency onto the years of President Johnson. However, that short amount of time proved to many Americans that change can happen quick, positively or negatively. Efforts by both parties coming together in the 60’s were the first time Americans really saw a bipartisanship. Democrats were empowered during this …show more content…
Lyndon B. Johnson stepped over way to many boundaries that he thought would work out fine. The arrogance the authors portray of Johnson shows readers how America got into the big mess they ended up in. This arrogance then led to the Vietnam War which was just another topic of foreign affairs that was over promised by Johnson. These terrible circumstances Americans were in whether they were in the war or at home never seemed to stop. If it wasn’t for the long-lasting Vietnam War that cost the Government a substantial amount of money, policies like Medicare and Medicaid would be more affordable. Johnson wanted to use the government to make social changes by trying to make all of these things happen at once. There was a conservative movement that eventually undercut Johnson in hopes to turn things around for good. These promises that never got fulfilled left the Liberal Hour changing from optimistic to pure letdown. This changed lives forever because people still see the effects that this Liberal Hour left on everyone even

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