Essay about My Life As A Roller Coaster Of Events Since The Day I

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What is my life like so far? If you asked me that earlier, I would probably awkwardly have told you that my life was good and that nothing big or important happened. Well after some serious thinking I have come to the conclusion that my life and the events that occurred shaped me to who I am today. My life so far has been a roller coaster of events since the day I was born.
Since the day I was born I have had many events that made the human I am today. To start off, like any other baby, there is a due date of when the baby should be born. Well in my parents and my case it did not happen that way. I was so eager to be apart of this world that I decided to come out eleven weeks early, weighing one pound thirteen ounces. For most cases, when you hear of a baby being born eleven weeks early you usually assume the worse and say that the baby will not make it. I was lucky enough to be one of the few babies that are born extremely premature and survive. This alone shapes me in more ways than one. I appreciate everyday, have no regrets in life, and live life to the fullest, because I know that I could have had a lot harder life.
In life you are supposed to learn certain lessons that condition you into being a well rounded human being. The lessons that I have learned most, would be not to take life so seriously. Maybe it was how I was raised or maybe it was the friends I hung out with but I learned a lot from not taking life too seriously. Back in highschool I would always hear…

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