My Learning Journey: My Journey As A Nurse

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My Learning Journey
I was always interested in teaching and wanted to do improve my mentoring skills. Mentorship course will be very beneficial for my communication and teaching skills. Becoming a mentor is a challenging and rewarding experience. My journey as a nurse has allowed me to develop skills and go through different experiences. I understand my strengths and weaknesses now which enable me to provide ultimate care towards the patients. My main aim throughout the mentorship course is to improve my mentoring, therefore aiding my co-workers, junior staff and students. I believe this course is very effective and would be extremely useful in my career.
Through the mentorship course, I have achieved theoretic knowledge and advanced skills.
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Communication is a key factor in helping the student learn. It is the mentor’s responsibility to help and ensure the student adapts to the practice setting (Gopee 2008) I had an informal meeting with her to get to know her better. Here I acknowledged her past experiences.
Although the student is capable, as a mentor, I suggested ways to help the student to adjust easier. I recommended reading the articles on ‘The management of type 2 diabetes’ and 2nd Edition of Diabetes chronic complications to deepen the understanding on this topic before the procedure. Evidence based practice and clinical based practice effects are stated in p132 (Mentoring and supervision in healthcare 2012). This book is extremely helpful as it is clear and easy to understand. Personally, it has helped me acknowledge theoretic practices. She was eager to learn about diabetics in more
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When I maintained an effective relationship, it allowed her to focus and increase her desire to learn. I had an interpersonal relationship with the student and spent extra time to encourage and guide her (Butterworth, T and Faugier, J 2001) increasing the depth of her knowledge. I explained he different learning styles and theories after the teaching session and she reflected on that in the written demonstration and aimed to motivate her.
The student was more concerned about getting the work done quickly. She didn’t realise the effect of quality in her work. The influence of quality in practice learning should be maintained (Lynn Wigens and Rachel Heathershaw 2013). The patients should be provided ultimate quality in care while considering the effectiveness and time. Greater quality reduces complications, saving time.
2010 Walsh, ‘Students’ practice is assessed for a variety of reasons, these include monitoring progress, giving feedback, assessing level of competence, skills knowledge and attitude, Measuring effectiveness of teaching’.
The feedback and constructive criticism that I gave to the student and I received form the student allowed both of us to develop and grow in understanding of each other and clinical practices. The feedback I received from my mentor was of great value as

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