Reflective Essay: I Am A Servant Leader

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 Leadership is always evolving overtime, because there are a plethora of ways to express leadership. However, during one point in my life, I view leadership only in one way. I believed that a leader was a very outspoken person that naturally commands the attention of others. Hence, my old views of leadership led me to believe that I was not a leader.
 My pre-conceived notions of leadership qualities were the complete opposite of how I am. I often consider myself to be a introvert. I do not always like to be the center of attraction, and I am not the most outspoken person. Therefore, I did not always view myself as a natural leader. However, my overall view of leadership has evolved. As I began to gain more experiences, I realized that I
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Thus, I believe that I am a servant leader, because I value altruism throughout all aspects of my life. Also, I am always naturally placed in the position to help others. It is through these activities that I am able to display my leadership.
 There are several activities in my life that influence my leadership development. For example, I am a volunteer for Emory Winship Cancer Institute. Thus, I am frequently surrounded by medical professionals. These individuals influence my development, because they inspire me to continue building upon my leadership abilities. I look up to many of the women that work in this clinic, and they encourage me to keep striving for my goals.
 Therefore, I am continuously participating in several leadership activities that will help me to become a better leader. In addition, I believe that developing my leadership abilities will ultimately help me to reach my goals. Therefore, I always surround myself around people that are positive influences on my
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I believe that it is important to see yourself through the lens of people you trust, because sometimes people can be blinded by a one tracked minded mentality. Therefore, analyzing yourself from another viewpoint can help you to visualize your authentic self. Thus, analyzing how others view you can lead to an accurate self-perception.
 There are many ways to develop an accurate perception of self. However, all of these methods start with being honest with yourself. This directly relates to leadership, because I believe that every good leader should be self-aware and willing to adjust if necessary. These leadership qualities prove humbleness and strength, because it can be hard to accept the criticism of others. However, a good leader takes this criticism and uses it to improve their leadership abilities.
 Further, I believe that my leadership is influenced by my accurate self-perception. Even though I am confident in my leadership attributes, I am always willing to accept advice from my peers and other people that I look up to. I realize that I am not always going to get it right. Therefore, I value how other people view me, and the advice that they are willing to pass

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