My Leadership At North Georgia College And State University Essay

1344 Words Jan 18th, 2016 null Page
My leadership crucible did not take place in my military leadership tenure but as senior in college at North Georgia College and State University. The experience of serving as a fraternity president during a time of probation helped shape me into the organizational leader I am today. My fraternity experienced an unfortunate alcohol related event leading it to serve a one-year probation period. At the same time, my peers elected me as President of the fraternity to lead it during this time of adversity and eventually off probation. The presidency presented numerous challenges including morale issues, sharing a common focus, making difficult decisions and working with executives on the school advisory board. The entire experience helped shape who I am as an organizational leader including building teams sharing the same vision and working towards a common goal, cultivating relationships and holding people accountable. The personnel and organizational lessons learned during my time as president is still serving me well in my military career.
Prior to attending North Georgia College and State University, a small military school nestled in Dahlonega, Georgia, I never thought I would ever be part of a fraternity. My only exposure to fraternities were the negative stories in the news channels or stories I heard from the big fraternities at the University of Georgia just an hour away from my hometown. Contrary to the large fraternity social scene at big universities, North…

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