My Journey To College

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During high school I had my first experience of having surgery and even being hospitalized. One day I was having abdominal pain and vomiting so my mom took me to see my primary care physician and ended up with medication to help those symptoms. That night things got significantly worse so I went back to my physician in the morning. After a series of tests were done, a nurse was rushing me in a wheelchair to meet with a surgeon. I had never even met a surgeon until meeting Dr. Ross. While I sat in the wheelchair, confused and in the worst pain I had ever been in, I remember the look of fear on my mother’s face. Then Dr. Ross told me “I’ll see you in the OR” as I left for my hospital room. When I was brought into the OR I remember looking around, …show more content…
After taking a few classes I quickly learned that something was missing. I didn’t enjoy the topics in my classes as much as I had expected to and eventually lost the interest I had in the beginning. I am the first in my family to go to college and will be the first to graduate, which I am very fortunate to achieve. But I found it challenging to figure out the next step so I turned to my advisor and looked into different options. I ended up taking a few basic science courses and found myself to be more interested in these classes but still wasn’t exactly sure of what to do. After taking more upper level courses like biochemistry and human metabolism, I knew I was heading in the right …show more content…
Everyone played different roles and came from different backgrounds, but yet they came together to keep things running. I was able to observe traumas that came in and several really stuck to me. One day a man involved in a motor vehicle accident was brought into the trauma room. The trauma team immediately got to work and called in anyone that was needed. The surgeon they called for happened to be Dr. Ross. I watched as he was informed on the patient’s situation and began making decisions of what needed to happen next. The same man who helped me was helping this patient. He had never met either of us but was quick on his feet to make the choices he thought would keep us going.

Although it has taken several years, I’ve come to realize how I want to spend my life. In my several encounters with Dr. Ross, he has shown me how to take care of a patient. Not the techniques and knowledge required, but the qualities a physician should have that you don’t learn from class. He showed me to be dedicated and wise, yet compassionate at the same time. Since we can’t know every detail of a patient’s life, it’s important to keep in mind they are someone’s family. A physician’s job is to provide the best care for their patients, which I will be capable to do in the

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