The Importance Of My Life

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Most people, when asked this question, would not struggle with a response, but then there are people, like me, in the world who have been through too much and do not know exactly what to say because they do not know if what they write will be good enough. I know I should not struggle to write this if I have been through so much, but here I am writing this essay for the millionth time now due to overthinking my previous ones and having cried too many tears over this. Here 's to writing this one last time, hopefully.
I am a seventeen-year-old girl with no clue as to what I should be doing when it comes to life. I was born five months early; saved by multiple medical miracles. A passionate Doctor saved my life for the sake of his experiment, being the reason I stand where I am today. So life to me is a constant blessing despite the downfalls. From womb to young adult, I have survived numerous procedures to alleviate the issues given to me at birth. My life, similar to many others, is a sob story. I was born into bad luck and misfortune thus leading to the path my life has taken.
At birth many did not expect me to walk, talk, hear, or see but here I am! Fast-forward a couple of years having lost my father to brain cancer on my fifth birthday. He knew he was terminally
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Let 's take a breather from here and talk about my family. I am the fifth child born to my parents and the third to live. My parents both being uneducated are extremely hard working individuals. They eloped in their twenties for they genuinely loved one another, even to my dad 's very last breath and to this very day. I have two older sisters, who despite the arguments, I would be lost without. A mother who has tried her best to be a mother to me even though circumstances would never allow it to work that way. I did not get to know my father, but those who knew him tell me I am a splitting image of my mother with the manners of my

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