Personal Narrative: My Journey To Buildon

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Waking up in another country felt the same, thinking that I was home, sleeping on my bed, and that traveling to Central America was just a dream. I still can’t believe it till this day, was it a dream? Or was it reality?. It all started in the beginning of my junior year and I always wanted to help my community but never knew how to. One day I saw a group of people which are my very good friends today with buildOn shirts, and I ask what is buildOn? And they responded, Well buildOn is an amazing non-profit organization here in Bridgeport and there mission is to break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy and low expatiation through service and education. Once I heard poverty I knew what had to be done. You may ask why? Why did you act so quickly …show more content…
Every Wednesdays I go to my local food pantry called United Congress Church and volunteer to shop for the guess and every Thursday we this thing called fell the warmth. Fell the warmth is a community supper we cook for the guess. Ever since I joined buildOn I did around 375 hours of community service in Bridgeport, Connecticut and about 40 hours of community service In Lana Arriba, Nicaragua. I went with buildOn on April 13, 2015 with 12 other student from Bassick, Central and Kolbe High School to start a foundation of a school. Going to Nicaragua was a life changing experience. I was the only boy so I had to share my room with the trek coordinator and the translator. We lived in the village with the villagers and we lived and experienced there everyday life, we used the latrine when we needed and took shower with a bucket and river water. We ate what they ate which was rice and beans with plantains or egg, we ate rice and beans for lunch, breakfast and dinner. We worked at the work site for about five to six hours a day and the village help as well. We also thought the village a little of English as well, they caught on fast. Even though we only stayed for two weeks we got very stuck to the village, we all miss them and wish to go back, and we

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