Essay on My Journey Of Becoming An Elementary Teacher

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I am now finishing up my amazing journey of becoming an elementary teacher. I have learned many techniques and strategies from my professors and mentors. But during my time as a student teacher, I have developed a whole new appreciation for teachers and all of the work that they do every day. For my first student teaching experience I was assigned to Mrs. Jackson’s third grade reading class at the South Side Upper Elementary in Picayune, Mississippi, and for my second experience I was assigned to Mrs. Lenoir’s fifth grade science and social studies class at Pearl River Upper Elementary, which is also located in Picayune. Both experiences were similar in many ways and helped me to grow into a more assertive teacher. But on the other hand, I realized that each teacher is very different in his or her teaching styles, classroom management, and interpersonal skills. Mrs. Lenoir has been a teacher for twenty years and has seen educational standards go through many different changes. As a result, she is an easygoing, relaxed teacher, who puts her students at ease by creating a stress-free environment. Because fifth grade is about preparing students for middle school, Mrs. Lenoir aides her students in teaching them how to take control of their own education and work more independently. In her classroom, she incorporates indirect instruction and cooperative learning. Throughout my first student teaching experience I used direct teaching, which I found comfortable doing because I…

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