Essay about My Journey And Exposure Of Preaching

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I have given much thought to my journey and exposure to preaching. I have to admit that most of the preaching exposure I had growing up is quite different from my current theological and personal understanding of what preaching is or ought to be, if it is going to be effective. Growing up in a legalistic environment, most of the preaching I heard depicted God as some type of warden ready to punish people at the first sign of misbehavior. Most of the preaching revolved around the do’s and don’ts of Christianity. Whether the preacher or pastor was intentional about this or not, his preaching influenced people to share the same message and tactics within their sphere of influence. In hindsight, I realize that these pastors were not uneducated people. They were people who had attended seminary. However, I believe that one of the factors affecting their theology was the fact that their formal education derived from similar denominational foundations, hence a limited theological or world-view. I don’t want to necessarily dismiss all of my exposure as negative. There were and are views that I still hold dear to my personal preaching theology. One such theological perspective is the eschatological view I grew up with. The teaching / preaching of eternal life usually came forth with much boldness. Though at times I felt it came across as a scare tactic, it nonetheless instilled a sense of eternal value. It helped provide a sense of balance between existing in the now while…

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