Essay on My Journey And Difficulties Adapting College

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My Journey and Difficulties Adapting to College

My writing, reading, critical thinking, and researching skills have improved throughout the semester. I remember when I first registered for this course, I was a little afraid that I could face difficulties writing a research paper. But after a few weeks of the class lectures, I have learned how to use the writing process to engage with my audiences . Throughout the semester this writing class has taught me how to pre-write, draft papers, revise my writing to make my audiences better understand my message, edit my papers to make corrections, and lastly publish my paper for my audiences. The writing skills have also helped me outside of school. For example, outside of class work my reading skills have also improved in that I can better read than when I first started college. My critical thinking skills have also improved in that when I first entered college, I did not know what I was doing in my freshman year of C.W.P. 099, but gradually after the 099 course I have learned how to develop an argumentative essay, give my opinion on addressing the issues, and better state a suggestion on how to solve it. On the research level, I have learned how to research different sources, and choose the one that is informs, and supports my argumentative essay, to make my audiences get my message clearly. Firstly, my writing skills have improved in…

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