Essay on My Job At The Athens Area Homeless Shelter

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“Nowhere in the United States can someone who works 40 hours a week at minimum wage afford a one bedroom apartment at fair market rent”, consequently a myriad of our population is vulnerable to being homeless, approximately 643,067 a night ( Homelessness is a complicated problem engendered by a variety of obstacles in a person’s life. Therefore, ending up on the streets can be easier than obtaining and/or maintaining a stable sheltered life. Those who become homeless need help to get back on their feet. Within our community, the Athens Area Homeless Shelter is an agency that provides transitional services for the homeless like: case management, job training, rehousing, financial assistance, financial education, counseling, etc. The shelter itself also offers a temporary home for six homeless mothers and their children. In this paper, I will describe my overall volunteering experience at this agency, and the relevance my duties had to Social Work.
My job at the Athens Area Homeless Shelter had the title of ‘tutor’. With that being said, I intended to help the children of the homeless mothers that lived there do homework from 6pm to 8pm. As soon at the children got there from an after school program, I would ask them if they had to do any homework. They answered with a no. That is to say, my volunteer position consisted of other tasks in its place. The children, volunteers, and I spent the entire two hours playing. We completed an array of activities, which…

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