My Mom: An Interview With My Mother

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Growing up, I thought success was completing what you started, to reach your goals and be satisfied with the outcome that you receive. That was until I interviewed my mom. My mother is the type of person to work until she gets what she wants. The kind to put others needs first before herself. She’s a very generous person who just wants her loved ones to be happy. Knowing this, I knew interviewing her would get me a lot of information about her and what success is to her. I was most definitely not disappointed with what I got.
As the interview began, I wanted to first know about my mom’s career and the path she took to get where she is today. I decide to start with questions about her current job; a nursing supervisor who oversees home health
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At a young age, she and her family experienced the tragic deaths of her brother and aunt. The event impacted her life and the lives of her family very significantly and negatively. Not even a few years after, she became a single mother with her oldest. This event forced her to put school aside to take care of the child. Three years later, she then had her next child and first husband. My mom stayed with him long enough to have two children, but not long after there was a divorce. After that, she met my dad and had me, but even then not everything was perfect. Her and my dad would fight a lot, until it got to be too much, and she went through another divorce. Within all these complications, she was also having financial struggles. It was difficult for her to pay bills and buy necessities when going through situations like this. Despite juggling all of this, it didn’t stop her from overcoming these setbacks and pursuing her …show more content…
She defined success as a job well done. It’s when she helps someone as a nursing supervisor, and because of her, their lives get a little bit better. It’s when the life she’s living now makes her happy, even when being forced to set aside college to take care of her children at the age of 19 as a single mother. This showed me that success was not just about finishing what you started and being at ease with what the finished outcome. It’s being happy with you and your goals while helping others reach that point as well. It’s making a difference not only in your life, but in others as well. That’s what success is to my mom, and now; me as

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