My Interview With Manny From An Expert Essay

1282 Words Dec 9th, 2016 6 Pages
In summary, I found my interview with Manny to be illuminating and interesting. He admitted that he wasn’t much of an expert on the topics I asked him about, but I think he was selling himself short as he had some very well-thought out opinions and compelling perspectives on various issues. I think it was good to get the point-of-view from an older male, as I don’t get to talk to adults, especially adults in their late 50s and 60s, very often and when I do I find it hard to relate to them. I have spoken to Manny in the past before, as he’s friend with my dad, but I feel like he really opened up on his past in the interviews I had with him. I had known he and his family were immigrants from the United States that came here when he was a kid, but I didn’t know the hassle his father experienced acquiring a green card or any of the racial tension he experienced as a young man looking to enter the corporate world. In other discussions, Manny has expressed further distaste for the president-elect Trump and has used more colorful language as well. I have found he’s very candid about his opinions. Unfortunately, we had to cut the interview a bit short and I didn’t get to have all my questions answered since he needed to leave, other things I might have asked are “Do you feel more patriotic toward your birthplace of Mexico or your home in the United States?”, “Do you notice any discrimination, racial or otherwise, against any of your African-American or female colleagues?”, “When…

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