My Internship Is At Middletown High School South Essay

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My internship is at Middletown High School south. I’m interning with the school social workers, on the child study team. The population that is served is students grade nine to twelve, with disabilities. Public schools are required by law to develop a process for identifying students with disabilities. The child study team works as a case managers to students with disabilities, that including students with learning disabilities. The students are tested, and placed in the appropriate setting, that best serves their needs.
Dropping/Adding Policy
One of the biggest issues that seems to cause a lot of conflict is dropping a class or subject for students with disabilities that are struggling. Though it is looked down upon, and schools usually prefer case managers not to use it as often or at all. It’s cases where it is necessary to use. The Drop/Add class policy gives students an opportunity to select appropriate courses from year to year.These four conditions must be satisfied before approval for a course to be dropped will be granted. Careful review by the counselor to insure a change is both necessary and justified. Course changes must be approved by the curricular Assistant Principal Courses may only be dropped/added during the first (2) weeks of the school year.Semester courses may only be dropped/added during the first week of each semester. The course must be replaced by a suitable alternative.

Change of Level—To assure the best conditions for learning, it is…

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