My Interest Of Nursing At A Summer Medical Field Camp At Indian Hills College

1035 Words Sep 3rd, 2016 null Page
My interest in nursing started at a summer medical-field camp at Indian Hills College when I was in elementary school. At the camp, I was taught how to give a shot, draw blood, and take a person’s blood pressure. As part of the camp, we tie dyed our own scrub top that we wore. I remember being excited about wearing what nurses wear and doing things that nurses do while at that camp. It made me feel like I was a real nurse! The hands-on experience I received at a young age really propelled me to want to be a nurse. A year or so later, my grandpa was admitted to the Geriatric Psychiatry Unit with Alzheimer’s. I remember my grandpa having a sensor on his chair that would sound an alarm to alert the nurses when he tried to move. The nurses were very helpful in explaining to me what my grandpa was going through and they helped make the process a little easier. Then when my grandpa’s health began to decline, he was admitted to the hospital. One evening when I was visiting my grandpa, I remember the nurse coming in to start an IV in his arm. I watched as she cleaned the site with an alcohol swab and inserted the needle into his arm. The nurse noticed how I was watching her care for my grandpa so she began to explain to me what she was doing to him. Whenever I walked into the hospital to visit him, I was curious as to what the nurses were doing and how they were caring for my grandpa. When my grandpa’s condition declined, my family had to make the tough decision to…

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