My Interest Of Health Service Delivery Essay

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My interest in healthcare began in 1994 when began a two-year certificate program in Health Information Management at Central Texas College. The education that I received provided me an introduction into health service delivery and gave me an opportunity to work for a small psychiatric practice as a transcriptionist. In this position I developed entry level skills while covering the front desk and transcribing dictated reports. I only remained in this position for a brief period and worked outside of healthcare, as jobs were scarce.
In 1996, after returning to Seattle, I accepted a position with Good Samaritan Mental Health Services as a receptionist. In this position I continued to build my knowledge by performing basic medical office and records functions. After a year, with Good Samaritan, I resigned and accepted a temporary position with St Joseph Medical Center assisting in creating and maintaining the physicians’ database. I remained in this assignment for seven months. At the completion of my assignment I worked for a small surgical clinic, as a Medical Records Clerks. In addition to managing medical records, I was also responsible for filing, retrieving films from local hospitals in the area and faxing documents. I continued my work in medical records at Valley Medical Center where I was assigned to perform basic functions; such as filing, retrieving and delivering records to the gastroenterology clinic. I remained in this position for about a year before…

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