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The overall aim of this assignment is to investigate and discuss how my ideal school can develop well rounded, motivated, lifelong learners who are prepared for life in a democratic society within the international world and able to succeed in the challenges that it presents. I will be focusing on the whole school with some links into the classroom due to limitation of size in this assignment.

Author and Emeritus Professor of Philosophy of Education, John White (2006) talks about the National Curriculum of England and notes that-

‘(it) aims to help every young person to live a fulfilling life and to help others do so…… and each person is free to make his or her own decisions.’ (p. 6)

White (2006) goes on to say that teachers
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This involves having encompassing and enjoyable learning, having a wide range of absorbing activities, allowing students to be able to make choices and participate wholeheartedly, students can achieve success in different areas and for them to make competent decisions while being critical.
The next area is social and civic involvement, which encompasses students working towards shared goals, having good communication with others in various contexts and to be able to manage conflicts of interests. Students should be able to participate in democratic practices, understand civic roles and cultural diversity and gain an understanding to the modern
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Secondly, I will be looking at ethos as I want to assess how the school can get wholehearted absorption, personal fulfilment and a positive learning environment and how this can be achieved through the ethos of the school. Next, I will look at personal and social issues. How citizenship and empowerment in school help students to make informed choices, participate wholeheartedly, and learn to conform and adapt to social and modern civic life. Then I will discuss how important social awareness is to students in a modern international world.
After this, I will discuss extra-curricular activities and how these activities can help will nearly all of the needs White (2006) discusses.
Types of learning will be investigated next. I will look at different types of learning and assess how these can have an impact on the students and promote a richer experience ideal for the modern international world. Finally, I will see how the physical environment and design of my school can help facilitate the achievement of all these needs.

Established good practice schooling

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