My Home - Original Writing Essay

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When I was seven years old I was a kid with lots of energy. With that energy I would play outside around my house and inside my house. Being a kid I really did not look at danger like I do currently. I would just play without a care in the world. I would go climb trees in the backyard, play hide and seek with my sister, visit my cousins house across the street, run around the house and play with my toys. One day my mom was cleaning around the house and she accidentally let a glass cup fall on the ground. As she went to go to get the broom I was running to the living room to see what had fell. When I was running to the living room I had not notice the broken glass cup on the floor.Sure enough danger was near and I cut myself that left a two inch wide deep cut at the side of my foot. Spilling a quite amount of blood onto the floor and tears from my eyes would gush out like sprinklers in a hot summer day when you need to play outside. My mom heard me yell and cry while I was on the floor she came to my aid. Then my dad came and saw a lot of blood on the ground he went and got a small rag from the kitchen. He wrapped it around my foot but blood was still coming through .So we went to the laundry room and got one of my dirty shirts and wrapped that also along with the rag on my foot. Instead of calling 911 to take me to the hospital my parents decided to drive there since we only lived 10 minutes away. I was crying the whole way there I remember when we finally got there I went…

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