My High School Will Host A Boys Vs Girls Rally At Honor Of Valentine 's Day

778 Words Jan 13th, 2016 4 Pages
Annually, my high school will host a Boys Vs Girls rally in honor of Valentine’s Day. Despite participating both freshman and sophomore year, during my junior year I chose to challenge the festivities because I found a perspective of the event that it seem more harmful than lighthearted. As a junior, I was able to see how such a rally perpetuated sexism and failed to provide adequate representation for gender nonconforming or transgender students. Over two years, I saw that both males and females were generally portrayed unfairly by the opposite sex. Each group would play into detrimental stereotypes in order to gain the most laughs from their peers. I personally found such behavior repulsive and harmful to our school’s unity. I was told by my peers that I needed to find a sense of humor but I could not find humor in a situation that was so inherently wrong. Even deeper than the exploitation of detrimental stereotypes, is the lack of representation for students who did not identify as cisgender, or their given birth. All students were instructed to sit on one side of the gym or other, depending on their gender. Students that attempted to sit on a side that they apparently did not belong, were escorted by security guards to the “appropriate” side. Our administration also encouraged students to wear blue or pink depending on their gender. Not only is this an antiquated method to symbolize gender, but this particular categorization of our student body did not fully…

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