My High School Experience Is Not What I Thought It Would Be Like

1263 Words Dec 20th, 2016 6 Pages
My High School experience is not what I thought it would be like. For me, High School had its moments but all together my experience was not the best. High school didn’t get better until the last two years of the four. People came and but mostly went the first two years and that was the hardest part for me as I went on with first few years of high school. I have always been the student to squeak by and take the easy way. No matter how bad some days were there was always a day to come after it. As I get closer to the end it’s harder to think of the bad but my junior and senior years have me the better chapter in my life. Freshman year was just getting used to every new thing going on like new school, new people, and new atmosphere. My brother was a senior when I was a freshman. Having my brother there as I was starting a new chapter of my life made the transition much easier. He and his friends were the kind of people would give me a hard time but nothing to the point of hazing or bulling. This made my life easier to live after having stressed from school and socially. At McNick there were a few groups of people, one group I hated was the popular or jocks. I played football with these guys and couldn’t stand the things they did or talked about. I didn’t really fit into this group. I quit football and got out of this group of people. The group mainly consisted of IHM kids or Immaculate Heart of Mary. If you didn’t go to their school or didn’t play football you were cool or…

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