My Half Brother : Michael Essay

1265 Words Sep 20th, 2016 6 Pages
My half brother, Michael, has always been a very independent individual. Throughout the years, he played the role as big brother and as a dad, since mine hadn’t been around often and Michael is nine years older than I am. Because we were so close, he was never known as my half-brother, only as my older brother. Generally speaking, growing up with a drug addict father, like Michael did, his life would be more difficult since he had an addictive personality already. Teenage years were the beginning of the downward spiral for Michael. He wasn’t sure how to cope with peer pressure and fell into the bottomless pit of being a drug addict.
Finally, his ex-girlfriend, drug partner, was going back home to Americus in North Georgia. A hopeful plan for everyone in the family. If we could get her to leave, maybe we could get my brother to straighten up at the same time. Due to a suspended license, Michael asked his friend to drive them back. But as an addict, things never go as planned. So of course, his best friend backed out at the last minute. On the Saturday before he was scheduled to begin rehab, my brother took it upon himself to drive her back. The two-hour ride to Americus was straightforward. There were no barriers. Then, on the way back, things changed. At the Tifton exit on I-75, my brother fell asleep at the wheel.Subsequently, he hit a guardrail with his silver Jeep Cherokee. He barely missed the end of the guardrail and who knows how that would’ve ended. He knew that…

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