My Great Grandmother Of My Grandmothers Side Essay

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Throughout a family, their are going to be differences that are going to shape for future generations. These differences could consist of cultures, Humor, boundaries, and honesty with the freedom of expression. Family members are going to have to accept each other 's differences if they are going to be close with one another to have a relationship.
My great grandmother of my grandmothers side, whom I addressed to as GeeGee, was from Warners NY. She was a very humorous person, and always voiced her opinion. She was one of seventeen children. After her mother passed away from a car accident, GeeGee had been given the responsibility of taking care of her younger siblings. She also never drove a vehicle day in her life, and died from old age in her late nineties. Her husband, my great grandfather, went to war in japan in world war two. He was a fireman for forty two years , until his death at age seventy two from an aneurism on his aorta. In their time together, they had three children, all being girls and one of them being my grandmother, as whom I address as Yaya.
My great grandparents on my grandfather 's side actually both came from families that migrated to the United States from Russia, both speaking Russian fluently, they passed some of the cultural ideas down through my family, such as making dinner dishes such as, pigs in a blanket, Kotleta Po Kievski, and black bread. They were also farmers for their whole lives which gave my family the respect and understanding of…

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