My Grandparents Are A Lot Of Good Things Rolled Into Two People

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My grandparents are a lot of good things rolled into two people. They are sweet, thoughtful, caring, and amusing. They are like parents but without the strict discipline. I was interested in the time my grandparents decided to “court” and eventually marry since they love brought me into this world! Their love story is likely to sound typical, but to me, it is romantic and touching. They have been together for fifty some years, and my grandfather says it’s the same feelings and love as when he married her. The love they have for each other is touching and what I strive for when deciding for my own partner. They always have each other’s backs but are able to poke fun at the other. Before writing this, I knew vaguely how they met, but I wanted the full, detailed events that took place before and after they decided to get married. Family is hugely important to me, and the more stories I pass down to the next generation, the longer my family’s history will be known! My grandparents both grew up in a small town in the middle of Georgia. My grandfather’s father worked in on the railroads, while my grandmother’s father owned a multitude of land and farmed it. My grandfather and his older brother were working at a grocery store in the middle of town in August of 1962. The owner of the establishment was a lady by the name of Ms. Betty, and she was my grandmother’s aunt. Now, Ms. Betty really liked my grandfather. She thought he was handsome and a hard worker. Knowing my grandmother…

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