My Grandfather

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Some people are born to be leaders, some are born to be learners, and some are born to be both. Doctors, surgeons, and nurses all qualify into these three categories. It is March 31, and Cleveland Clinic is crawling with outstanding potential; the potential to save lives. People wait months to be treated by some of the best medical professionals in the country; one of whom happens to be my grandfather. The diversity of culture in just one, primary building is enough for the entire planet. As different as we all seem though, we are all here for the same reason. Cleveland is located in the northern part of Ohio. From Nitro, West Virginia it is approximately a five hour trip in a car. With my grandparents, two cousins, and I, this road trip was bound to create memories. My grandfather has always had a warped sense of humor. He finds the cheesiest, most inappropriate jokes hilarious. As family, I am naturally forced to laugh. It does not matter whether I find it funny or not, I chuckle anyway just to see him smile. With my father working his life away and my mother moving from home to home, my grandparents practically …show more content…
My grandmother yells at him for turning down the wrong street, but he testifies that he knows where he is going. My cousins and I chuckle as our grandma rolls her eyes. After a few miniature naps, we have found our way to the glorious hospital that I one day hope to attend. Beside the many parking lots is a long, rectangular garden filled with thousands of small rocks. On top of the small rocks are rather large rocks that form lines all the way down to the clinic. In front of the hospital is a broad ballet circle. In the middle of the circle is an enormous glass fountain surrounded by millions of pebbles. My cousins and I lust over the fancy Cadillacs, Mercedes, and Corvettes that are parked around the circle. One day, I too will own an expensive

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