Essay on My Grandfather, My Friend

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My grandfather told me that be kind of others is be kind of yourself. After something happened in my life, I putted this world in my heart.
My grandfather didn’t like live at city, he didn’t like the busy life style and embarrassing relationship with others. He thought the countryside better. So he with my grandmother moved to countryside when I was 5 years old. After that, I always like to went to the countryside with them in my vacation and weekend. In a winter, I had a vacation with my grandparents when I was elementary school student. I took my homework came to my grandparents’ home. Countryside is very different from the city. No more cars, no quickly Internet, no noise and never get up early. My grandfather told me that many people be kind of others when he was young. When you sleep, or not at home, you didn 't lock the door when you leave. Because nobody will burst into your home. Grandpa also told me that he always went to his neighbor’s home to ate, because his parents always didn’t at home when he back home from school.
Grandfather told me that he was hardly know how to express his gratitude. I ask him what he misses most about his old life, he said the obvious things – an intimate with each others, the food for his mother, and clean air. He always remember motto that threat other people the way you want to be treated. I am dream of an intimate with each others from my grandfather’s story. Since that, I always keep the word in my mind.
But now, the relationship of…

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