Essay on My Good Friend Janet 's Social Media

1996 Words Nov 17th, 2016 8 Pages
Social media has definitely been a growing phenomenon within the last 10 years and it is rare to find someone who does not use social media as a means to socially interact with others. Aside from being a form of communication, social media also serves as a way for people to display and manipulate their self-image or cyber selves to others. One of the most fascinating traits of online presentation is the flexibility to show only what people want to allow others to see and in a way exclude what they don’t. For this assignment I decided to analyze my good friend Janet’s social media pages and compare them to her corporeal self to determine if there were any significant differences between her online persona and her offline self. The three sites I decided to analyze for Janet were her Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat because she actively uses all three. In taking a look over her social media pages, although her cyber self and corporeal self are portrayed to be extremely similar, she does shy away from displaying any negative outlook or showing vulnerability on her social media pages. I have known Janet for about almost 10 years, we are close friends and similar in many ways which is why we get along so great. “Online” Janet seems to be displayed as a happy, family and friend oriented person. Her online pages give out a sense of positive vibes and an overall sense of joy. For example while looking through her Facebook page, I came across several positive quotes that were…

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