My Goals In High School

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Many things happened in my high school years and transformed me, I used to wait until the last minute for everything and set no goals for myself. There were many things that changed me, I like the person I am today and hope this all leads me to be successful. Even if I do fail, I take what I learned and promptly get back on my feet. I Went from being less mature to having an adult mindset on everything I do even on the most trivial things I take seriously. My time at WHS and the WACTC contributed to my personal growth, enhanced my sense of community and broadened my knowledge base, molding me to who I am today. My personal judgement is if I didn 't take action to improve on the way I was dragging myself through high school I would be a completely …show more content…
In my case it was exceptional. For instance, when I was younger everybody thought school wasn 't important. That was my mindset, but that changed after I enrolled in high school. Everything within life, whether it be big or small has true depth and meaning.That 's why I am more coordinated and sophisticated. Back then I was weary, modest, non coordinated and had no predetermination to do tasks. Now as a senior my priorities are much more developed, I 'm motivated to succeed and strive to reach my set achievements. All these obstacles I faced changed the way I thought, more so when I noticed how hard my parents work, troublesome life really is, what It means to be content and the significance of life. These are the rationalizations as to why I know i 'm a developed individual and will be …show more content…
I learned programs like photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator inside and out. These things led to me being able to do all sorts of things like being able to use machines more effectively and be able to make all cool designs or posters for things like advertisement. Another skill I learned or improved on is how to design and research for a presentation which led to speaking to big audiences and being confident in what I say. All the skills will help me with college by being able to speak to groups of people with ease and being able to do print jobs on the side for income. The only reason I can’t use my skills I learned in graphics more efficiently is because I plan on majoring in computer engineering. This is my base knowledge to start college off with and i 'm

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