My Goals At School, My Introvert And Extrovert Personalities Were Well Balanced

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When I was in middle school, my introvert and extrovert personalities were well balanced. None of them were dominant. However, due to peer pressure and social and cultural expectation, I became the perfect direction-follower. I made sure I did everything my teachers told me to do. Being scolded by a teacher because I didn’t get a good grade or missed an assignment was unacceptable and scary. It felt “terrifyingly” normal for me to not miss a class or an assignment. One of my biggest goals at school was to meet my teachers and peer groups’ expectations. I remember being in a play as the female lead for the biggest school festival. This was not what I wanted or would choose to do but I was told to do it. I was going to sing in front of the entire school. I felt the pressure of being in front of my classmates and the whole school. There were only two things in my mind while preparing. One, I cannot let my music teacher down. Two, I cannot embarrass myself in front of my classmates. I prepared myself for the part as if my life depended on it.
Because of the teaching methods that were used at the time, independent work was common at school, which still has its effects today. Sometimes, I still find it hard to work in groups or ask for help when I needed. So, independence was another attitude I had towards schooling. It had both negative and positive impacts on me when I was in school and after I graduated from high school. Even though we were under total surveillance from our…

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